We have expanded our product family with a selection of high quality spanish clamps and expansion props, designed to raise the standard in your day-to-day business.

Our spanish clamps are built with exceptional features to ensure superior performance. With a double threaded plunger that multiplies power and feed, anti-slip hardened steel brake to prevent workpiece loosening and nodular cast iron heads, they offer exceptional strength. They are the perfect choice for high demanding applications.

For woodworking, we offer marquetry light clamp with a hardened, non-slip steel brake, laminated spring steel rims and nodular cast iron heads. These light clamps are ideal for jobs that require precision and care in every detail, especially for wood.

As for our expansion props, we have integrated innovative features that guarantee their strength and reliability in any environment. Equipped with plastic base with anti-slip geometry, holes for anchoring to the surface, adjustment trough one nylon handle with fiberglass and a locking-unlocking system with steel discs, these props offer unrivalled stability.

With a safety factor of 1.5 and having successfully passed a test at 450kg without damage, you can rely on the strength and reliability of our struts for all your needs.